KUSA - It's eerily familiar for Patrick Roy; Game 7 against the Wild at the Pepsi Center. It's also totally and completely irrelevant.

The final game for the Avalanche's longtime goaltender came in 2003 in these same intense circumstances. Andrew Brunette scored the game-winning goal in overtime to eliminate Colorado from the playoffs – and subsequently end Roy's career. He looks back at that moment though without contempt or any sign of regret.

"What will revenge do to me anyways? I had my runs. I think the team I was on, we were a bit tired," the first year head coach said. The previous year Roy and the Avalanche had play three consecutive series that were pushed to game sevens.

"I think mentally we were not as hungry as we are even today for example," Roy continued.

He doesn't want his experience – 13 ultimate challenges of game sevens –his team's naivety to the moment. Roy wants his team to be loose in these situations and able to play fast on home ice.

"Tonight, I'm sure I'll understand how big of a deal it is," rookie Nathan MacKinnon said. "Right now I'm enjoying it with my teammates and I'm sure everybody is excited and read to go."

The Avalanche was to embrace game 7 and it's true meaning. Roy also wants them to remain poised amid what is to be a frenetic atmosphere – and, of course, win. Any lingering distant memories have no place in his mind.

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