KUSA - Carlos Gonzalez is back in the starting lineup for the Rockies tonight, as they host the Minnesota Twins in their final series before the all-star break.

"At the beginning you're a little nervous" Gonzalez told 9NEWS, "Last time I swung a bat my finger was really hurting and that's the first thing that runs through your mind, but after that first swing, I was ready to go."

Gonzalez missed 35 games after having a tumor removed in his left index finger.

"It feels really good to play pain free and go out there and do the things I normally do."

With Gonzalez back in the lineup, the Rockies have a much better chance of making a run in the second half of the season after going 11-24 in his absence. However, Cargo has struggled to raise his average this year while battling injuries and is hitting just .255 with eight home runs.

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