KUSA - It took a year and a half, but Walt Weiss finally earned some street cred by earning his first career managerial ejection during tonight's game in Cleveland.

Watching managers get ejected for childish behavior has been one of the most entertaining elements of pro baseball, since the game was first invented in the 18-hundreds.

The Rockies have a long history of big league blow-ups, beginning with their very first skipper Don Baylor, an intimidating figure who always stood up for his expansion team. Hall of Fame candidate Jim Leyland only spent one season in Colorado, but ranks eighth on the all-time list of most ejected managers with 68. Buddy Bell liked to curse a lot. Umpires don't mind that as long as you don't use the word "you" in front of an expletive. Bell did quite often. Clint Hurdle was the most demonstrative arguer of any Rockies manager. Hurdle always put on a great show before earning a trip to the showers. Jim Tracy would snap every so often, but he's such a nice guy that everybody knew it was just an act.

Weiss doesn't believe in arguing with the umpires. He says as a player he never once was motivated by his boss getting tossed and never once saw a decision overturned because of a screaming lunatic. But tonight, he needed to rush out of the dugout to rescue National League Batting Champion Michael Cuddyer, who was nose-to-nose with home plate ump John Tumpane following a called third strike in the fifth inning. It worked. Weiss got tossed. Cuddyer stayed in the game.

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