LONGMONT - Police suspect at least two dogs have been poisoned by tainted meatballs left in the yards of homes in the same neighborhood over the past month. One dog died, the other survived.

"We didn't know she was going to make it through the day," Gail Schipper, dog owner, said. "She had no ability to clot her own blood. Well, I think she's doing alright, I don't think she had any idea what happened."

Schipper spent $2,000 dollars to save her dog, Casa, through a blood transfusion. The scary part, she says, is at first her pet seemed fine.

"It was a ticking time bomb that simply took three days to affect her," Schipper said. "We made a huge mistake last Saturday by not taking her to the vet when we found poison meat in our yard."

Police say they think the meatballs contained rat poison and there was a report even two years ago of a tainted meatball found in a homeowner's yard. Investigators are working with the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to look for DNA evidence or fingerprints that might lead them to the culprit.

"I would have to assume that anyone who would do this is mentally unable to understand what they're doing," Schipper said.

Investigators want residents in the neighborhood near 4th Avenue and Collyer Street to be on the lookout for anything suspicious and to check their yards before sending their dogs out, even for a short time.

"I definitely keep an eye out for what he's sniffing around a corner or edge of the fence," Edmee Knight, Longmont resident, said. "I'll double check it which I never would've done before."

Longmont Police officers say they will provide extra patrols around the area and are considering using surveillance cameras to catch the person doing this.

"Even if they severely dislike dogs," Schipper said. "If we had a small child in our yard, they could've been killed."

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