KANSAS CITY - A Parker family on vacation in Kansas City was out to dinner when they got a big surprise.

Several secret service agents walked in and told them to get ready for a VIP.

"It's gotta be the president. That's all we were thinking," said Jake Kramer.

He was right. President Obama walked into the restaurant and started shaking hands.

"I thought he'd just get escorted in and go straight back to the restaurant, and we'd be lucky to get a peek at him, but he came in really respectful and met everyone and every table," said Natalie Carrado.

Carrado says Obama asked about their vacation and theme parks they visited. She says Obama chatted with them about how much he disliked roller coasters.

Then he went to go order some coleslaw, but the restaurant was out because Carrado's kids took the last of it.

" They took it! It's all their fault!" Carrado said as she pointed to her sons.

She says it was a unique opportunity, and they were happy to get a picture to remember the moment.

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